Our Corktown

“Life in early Corktown was anything but rosy … you might find it similar if you don’t print with us.”

Uncorking our area’s history

The general consensus is that the Corktown neighbourhood took its name from the famine-fleeing Irish immigrants who took up residence here in order to be close to the various breweries, brickyards and mills in the vicinity. Though some have speculated that all the cork from nearby distilleries might also have some significance.

Corktown old photo

For deeper dive into the colourful history of Corktown complete with many photos and maps, check out this blog from Derek Flack writing for BlogTO.

Cheers to local support

The owners of the Corktown Printing Company have a long history supporting the Corktown Residents & Buisness Association. For over 10 years, Edie and Dave have donated the printing of the organization’s community newsletter, the Corktowner, while Dave has also served as a Board Member.

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